40 Amazing Black Women’s Quotes That Will Motivate You to Keep Going


Many of us begin our enterprises with a great deal of enthusiasm and determination, but eventually we lose our way, veer off course, and forget the same things that brought us this far. Doubt and procrastination take the place of our enthusiasm and determination. What we really need to do in such situations is remind ourselves of our initial motivation. To overcome our greatest obstacles, we need all the assistance we can obtain. It keeps us moving forward on our road to hear encouraging remarks. These statements from black women concerning other black women can serve as a helpful reminder to go on and realize that you’re not traveling this path alone.

  • Gathering more than a few black women together creates this potent change-making process. —Kimberly Bryant
  • I never learned to shut up when I had anything to say. I informed them who I was, which is how they found out. Burns Ursula
  • Every woman’s accomplishments need to serve as an example for other women. We ought to encourage one another. Make sure you possess bravery, strength, tremendous kindness, and humility above everything else. Williams, Serena
  • Black ladies are quite capable. Time and time again, we have shown that. Tarana Burke
  • You are a better person for others when you take care of yourself. You behave better toward other people when you are confident in yourself. —Solange Knowles
  • If you shine a light, people will find their way. —Ella Baker
  • I will embrace my identity regardless of whether it causes discomfort to others. —Janelle Monáe
  • Your carrying style is what breaks you, not the weight itself. —Dancer Lana Horne
  • Standing on the sidelines, moping and whining, does not lead to advancement. Through putting concepts into practice, you advance.” The first African American woman to be nominated for president was Shirley Chisolm, a politician.
  • I have expectations. I have no intention of degrading myself or anyone else. —Zendaya
  • Without this other person, without this career, and with or without these tight jeans, I am a powerful woman. —Latifah Queen
  • I’ve made the decision to stop feeling guilty about being a woman. And because I deserve it, I want to be valued for all that makes me a woman. —Adichie Chimamanda Ngozi
  • What gives you the ability to change is your desire to examine your darkness. —Iyanla Vanzant
  • There will always be someone who feels threatened by where life leads them. —Francesca Ramsey
  • Black women are not resentful. All they want is to stop being asked to accept less. —Issa Rae
  • The world’s most dreaded woman is the one who doesn’t need approval from anyone. —Mohadesa Najumi
  • To be successful, you must like who you are, what you do, and how you do it. —Maya Angelou
  • Refrain from waiting for possibilities to present themselves. Get moving and create them. Entrepreneur Madame C.J. Walker
  • Thinking one has no power is the most prevalent method for individuals to give it up. Alice Walker
  • The way we view ourselves and the way we believe the world has accepted us both heavily influence one another’s perceptions of us. —Arlene Rankin
  • Over the years, I’ve discovered that having a predetermined mindset helps to reduce fear; understanding what has to be done also helps to reduce dread. Civil rights activist Rosa Parks
  • If a crown causes us pain, it is not worth donning. —Bailey Pearl
  • It matters less and less if I am frightened when I dare to be strong and put my strength to work for my goal. author, feminist, womanist, librarian, and civil rights activist Audre Lorde
  • Although you may fall, you can also ascend. —Angelique Kidjo
  • Avoid settling for mediocrity. Give it your all at this instant. Then, you will at least know that you gave it your best shot, success or failure. We must live up to our full potential. —Actor Angela Bassett
  • Your dreams are real, no matter where you come from. —Lupita Nyong’o
  • Once upon a time, I feared what others would say—”Who does she think she is?” I can now stand up and say, “This is who I am.” —Oprah Winfrey
  • Your greatest asset is you. —Michael Morrison
  • Don’t be scared to use the powerful voice that you have when necessary. You are a lady with something significant to say, not an angry black woman. You matter, and so does your voice. —Stephanie Lahart
  • You’ll never realize how extraordinary you are if all you ever do is strive to fit in. —Maya Angelou
  • It dawned on me that perfection is not a must. All I have to do is be here and take pleasure in the convoluted, flawed, and exquisite trip that is my life. — Actress, producer, and director Kerry Washington
  • Being proud of oneself doesn’t have to wait until you’ve accomplished your goal. Take pride in each step you take to accomplish that objective. Former artistic gymnast Simone Biles
  • Oprah Winfrey once said, “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.Oprah Winfrey really believes that black women have a unique, unbreakable strength that enables us to not only get through difficult times but also to rise beyond them. —Janet Jackson
  • Have faith in yourself. Consider your own thoughts. Take personal responsibility. Talk for yourself. Be unique. Suicide is imitation. —Marva Collins
  • It’s not my responsibility to run around trying to rescue everyone anymore. Jada Pinkett Smith
  • You’ll be more capable of making the right choice the first time around as you gain clarity about who you really are. —Oprah Winfrey
  • I no longer tolerate the things that I am unable to alter. The things that I cannot tolerate, I am altering. —Angela Davis
  • God completed the task after I did my best. —Hattie McDaniel
  • Dr. Mae Jemison once said, “Never limit yourself because of the limited imagination of others, and never limit others because of your own limited imagination.”

Whatever your objectives, there will be several challenges on your path. There will never be a straight path to reaching your objectives. Therefore, go day by day. Even if you encounter obstacles along the way, keep your attention on the things you can do today and enjoy the journey. It is simpler to work toward achieving your life goals when you learn to accept and value the situation you are in right now. Share with us your favorite quotations!

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