We often encounter a variety of obstacles in life, particularly within our families. When these obstacles arise, we are often observed frantically trying to figure out how to overcome them. At times, we wander aimlessly, ceaselessly, but eagerly, without concern for whether or not we are approaching the problem correctly. But one thing is for certain—when we face a challenge, we consider an escape route or potential fix. However, what comes next is your response—either taking a step or staying still. Herein lies the role of resilience.

Resilience: what is it?

Resilience is described as “the ability to become strong, happy, or successful again after a difficult situation or event” in the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. Resilience is the capacity to overcome obstacles and disappointments. The mental stamina that allows individuals to withstand stress without crumbling under pressure is known as resilience. (2021) Kendra Cherry.

Women who are resilient focus on their ability to handle adversity, trauma, or obstacles and bounce back quickly. It might be issues with one’s health, finances, work, or even a company imbalance, as well as issues with unstable relationships or family issues. Living in real life is not always easy; there are many obstacles along the way, some of which are unavoidable. Resilience enables us to recognize this. Keeping this in mind, one is therefore physically and mentally ready to meet these obstacles, battle through them, and triumph over them.

According to psychologists, resilient individuals seem to have an internal locus of control. They think that ultimately, a person’s actions may influence how something turns out. While there are unavoidably certain circumstances, like natural catastrophes, beyond our control, we still need to be able to influence how we respond to them and go on.

Rather than seeing themselves as victims of their circumstances, resilient individuals search for solutions to issues. As a result, resilient women are capable, self-assured, able to handle challenging circumstances, in complete control of the circumstances, and ultimately successful. Women outlive men in terms of longevity and resilience, despite the fact that they are frailer, more brittle, and have worse health than men. (J. Aust Med Cate Swannel, 2020). It’s believed that women are stronger and more resilient than men. Bravo to all of the strong ladies out there.

According to Jennifer Webb (2018), women still lag horribly behind men in terms of titles, promotions, and achievements outside of academia, despite making up half of the educated labor market and earning the majority of advanced degrees today. It is a fact that women possess the resilience, resiliency, and capacity to lead and inspire others. They possess the capacity to handle whatever challenge the world presents and maintain their focus on remaining ahead of the game, never being too mired in pessimism, and always feeling optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead. All we have to do is shift our perspective and adopt a positive outlook on life, choose how we will deal with the problems that burden us, and react to the taunts, sarcasm, and ridicule that we encounter along the way.

As women, we have to remember that a lot of people may dislike us or our opinions; a lot of people will purposefully irritate, disappoint, or anger us. Resilient people must not let go of their strength; instead, they must gather themselves and go on.

Resilience types

Although there are many different kinds of resilience, the most prevalent ones include social, communal, mental, emotional, and physical resilience.

How to Increase Your Resilience

1. Set aside time for yourself. Spend some time organizing, rejuvenating, or reviving yourself. To help you move on, you definitely need some fresh air around you. Taking a break from your busy schedule will help you feel less stressed and boost your immune system, which will give you more stability and motivation to concentrate on the task at hand.

2. Create a network of support for yourself: You must be aware of the needs of others around you and respond appropriately, providing them with material, spiritual, or moral assistance as needed. When grief surrounds you, the more people you have on your side, the stronger their support becomes, and when things become tough, the answer comes to you more quickly and easily.

3. Restructure your mindset: You need to persuade yourself that your accomplishments are a result of your inner strength rather than the circumstances you find yourself in. Your mindset plays a major role in your triumphs and failures. You may quickly return to your life thanks to this confidence.

4. Learn to adapt to any situation: Even if something unpleasant happens, you must learn to adjust to it in order to become more robust. Always keep in mind that no state is permanent, so you can never be completely comfortable. Recognize that difficult situations are temporary rather than trying to seem as though everything is OK when you find yourself in them. Remember that Abraham Lincoln famously said, “You cannot fool all of the people all of the time, but you can fool some of the people all of the time.”

5. Always express gratitude: Gratitude comes from the heart, and in order to express gratitude to God in any circumstance, you must firmly believe that He is your ultimate provider. You have so much to be grateful for if you take the time to count your blessings.

Who among women is resilient?

A strong woman views each day as a chance to improve her life. She puts more money into herself than into things. She does not compete with anybody; instead, she prudently uses her money on things that will improve her life and the lives of her family. Even when the cards are stacked against her, she doesn’t let the situations engulf her or hold her back; instead, she continues going until she reaches her objective. She utilizes her power to transform her anguish into gain, not letting her difficulty impact her. When faced with challenges, she rises above them all and becomes even more resilient.

A resilient woman develops strength inside herself, endures through the worst of situations, and encourages other women to rise rather than pull them down. She makes an effort to set aside her concerns and anxieties and places her faith and confidence in Christ. She constantly finds solace and serenity in Christ, understanding that while her trials are momentary, God’s love is unending.

Qualities of an enduring lady

A woman with high resilience is one who has weathered very trying circumstances, made it through difficult situations, and emerged stronger and better. Women who possess resilience manage adversity, develop from it, become stronger, and even serve as role models for other women. The ability to bounce back from adversity and recover sooner than anticipated is what it means to be resilient. A lady who is resilient has the following qualities:

Capacity to remain composed under pressure: When there’s a commotion, the tough lady takes her time to assess the circumstances and remain composed. She doesn’t snap or make snap decisions. She takes a measured and final verdict on the situation and makes well-considered choices.

Resilient women are able to maintain composure under pressure. She seeks God’s guidance and assistance instead of giving up for too long. She throws them aside and carries on, even though she is aware that she is the target of a conspiracy.

Being conscious of the circumstances: Strong women are often conscious of the circumstances in which they find themselves as well as the feelings that accompany them. They are able to provide long-lasting remedies while keeping control of the issue because of their alertness.

She is upbeat: Rather than questioning why something occurred, a resilient woman considers the way out when a challenge is approaching. She faces the threatening wind head-on, determined to conquer it with a cheerful outlook and an upbeat spirit.

Strong women are needed in the world. Women with an unwavering will, women who will uplift and strengthen others, women who will love and be loved, women who live fearlessly, and women who are both tender and ferocious. Amy Tenney


Despite the stereotype that women are fragile and weak, perpetuated by our culture, women are resilient, powerful, and elastic. Even if we are broken, we quickly patch things up, get back up, and face the challenges of life as if nothing had occurred. We have to persevere and never give up until we realize our greatest potential.

Every strong woman has a drive to succeed. We stand up and remind them that we are still strong and that no one can force us to believe otherwise. Our value is not based on what other people think of us or the negative things they say about us. We stand by the belief that our worth to society is immeasurable. A woman is like a circle; she works nonstop, using her strength and inner fire to create, tend to, and raise another person into a deserving human being. “A woman speaks up for all women when she defends herself.” Maya Angelou

All you really need is self-assurance in your skills, equal enthusiasm, and the inner belief that you are invincible. Recognize that every challenge you face on the path to achievement presents a chance to pick up new skills, and it’s time to use those challenges as building blocks to reach your full potential. Go beyond any thorns that someone puts in your way, even if they are the impediment, and keep moving forward. They are truly vital stages to help you advance, not roadblocks. Instead of being upset with them, express gratitude that they helped you advance by serving as stepping stones; without them, the path would be treacherous. “Even though it seems like you’ve broken me, my inner strength keeps me standing tall.” Alice Aladi Jonah

Women have all the cards, despite all the odds. We have a strong will from birth and are blessed with momentum that helps us go through the most difficult situations and emerge stronger. Despite the horror of being raped by unknown males or frantically assaulted sexually by employers or close acquaintances, women have overcome their agony and become stronger. Resilience is that.

Individuals who have engaged in severe harassment of women are the weaker ones; they suffer more and are burdened more because they will always feel the anguish and shame associated with their immoral behavior. Because you are not as strong as the lady you are trying to undermine with deceitful, jealous, or intentional actions, you planned your assault on her in a premeditated manner. Remember that even though she will emerge stronger than you, you are the pitiful loser, and your suffering is greater than hers.

I came across Jennifer Webb’s (2018) E R=O formula, which seems quite logical to me. It basically implies that the outcome is entirely dependent on any event—over which we have no control—plus our response, over which we do have complete control. In whatever circumstance you find yourself in, it all comes down to how you react. No matter where they are in an organization, women who possess resilience are able to rebuild themselves, deal with any scenario, and exhibit leadership qualities.

When everything seems against you, never forget the sort of woman you are, boost your self-esteem, find your inner fire, and push through your difficult circumstances to reach your full potential. You are a lady of strength and tenacity. Remind yourself that you are a conqueror, not someone to be vanquished, and that you are capable of overcoming.

When everything is against you:

Be confident enough to confront the world, brave enough to fight the war, hopeful enough to prevail in it, and strong enough to stand alone. You are a strong woman; don’t let anybody else define you. You should define yourself through your words and deeds. Michelle Obama famously advised against relying on others to fight for you and against letting anyone speak for you.

When you are in boiling water (trouble, tribulation), like the tea bag that you are, exhibit your genuine color, strength, might, and power to reverberate your true self, a tough woman. When someone knocks you down, get back up, pick yourself up, and go moving.

I adore the line in Mariah Carey’s song “Hero” that reads:

Thus, when all hope seems lost, look inside and muster your strength; only then will you realize that the hero is within you.

A lady who has resilience is respected, powerful, and unafraid of the future. (Proverbs 31:25) because her maker created her in a terrifying and magnificent way. Joshua 1:9 assures you to “be strong and courageous.” You need not fear or be discouraged because the Lord, your God, is always by your side.

Praise God, who is your shield, provider, and protector, when you get up after being hit or pulled down by someone and walk on. Your opponents will see you and marvel at how you manage to be faithful to God in spite of your hardships. Above all, have joy, because no matter what happens, the evildoers will be terrified of you because you serve a God who responds to fire. You partake in Christ’s divinity and victory as a devoted child of God. A tough woman will undoubtedly disappoint you, and it is extremely difficult to really defeat someone who never gives up. In the end, you harm yourself by even trying to hurt her. As Robbert Scheller once stated, “tough people endure tough times, but tough times never do.”

Women need to learn to keep their eyes on Jesus, the author and object of our religion, if they want to be resilient. (Read Hebrews 12:2–3). Don’t worry about anything; instead, communicate your issues to God in every circumstance via prayer and supplication, accompanied by gratitude. (See Philippians 4:6).

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