Five motivational Ted Talks for female ultramarathon runners


Do you need a little motivation to leave the house? I have everything covered.

I wanted to offer five of my best Ted Talks about mentality, adventure, and running in general. presented by some amazing international speakers and covering subjects including pain, mental health, discovering your greatest self, and fear of failing.

With any luck, they will encourage you to dream big and see what occurs when you have the guts to just start. And now, take the first step toward achieving your objectives.

1. Samantha Gash: “How I Survived Running 3000 Kilometers Across India”

Samantha Gash, a formidable social entrepreneur, takes the stage to discuss her adventure to become the youngest and first person to finish four 250-kilometer ultra marathons in a single year in the world’s driest, windiest, hottest, and coldest deserts.

Saying yes is the key to living a great life. How registering for her first marathon was the most surprising change that resulted from her “yes quest.”

Samantha discusses how to see pain in a new light and how it’s an essential component of development. It’s unavoidable and shouldn’t be avoided; if your motivation is strong enough, it will really put things into perspective.

2. Grit: Angela Lee Duckworth’s book on the strength of tenacity and passion

Former educator Angela Lee Duckworth makes a compelling case in her speech for grit rather than IQ, social intelligence, or physical health as the keys to success.

“Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals,” according to Duckworth. Grit means endurance. Grit is the commitment to your future that you make every day—not just for a week or a month, but for years. and putting in a lot of effort to bring that future to pass. Grit is the ability to live life as a marathon rather than a sprint.

3. Reaching your maximum potential | Dean Karnazis

Renowned endurance athlete and ultramarathoner Dean Karnazis takes the stage to discuss how his quest to become his greatest self began when he turned thirty.

Some of the highlights of his running career include running a marathon to the South Pole and finishing every stage of the 50 stages in 50 consecutive days. He has pushed both his body and mind to unimaginable boundaries.

4. What if I don’t succeed? | Anna McNuff

A motivational account of British endurance athlete Anna McNuff, who abandoned her corporate career to pursue her dream of traveling the country on a bicycle 11,000 kilometers. The issue with realizing your passion, the thing that makes your heart sing, as said by McNuff, is that once you’ve seen it, you can never unsee it.

She discusses how we are often our own biggest critics when it comes to just daydreaming and examines what occurs when we have the bravery to just start.

5. Movement: Hazel Wallace’s magical medication

Dr. Hazel Wallace, a physician and personal trainer, emphasizes the benefits of exercise in preventing and treating chronic illnesses as well as improving mental health.

“Training your brain and its connections to become stronger is similar to training your muscles to become stronger.” “You have the power to transform your health today,” she says as she closes.

I hope these presentations inspire you to run more and with more gratitude.

So which one inspired you the most? Please share your thoughts in the space provided for comments below.

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