How Social Media Marketing Can Help Women-Owned Businesses


The road to economic freedom and entrepreneurship is not always straightforward for women. Thankfully, as technological advancements like the internet have woven themselves into society, ambitious women have used social media to succeed in business. With the use of Internet resources, women from all backgrounds and professions may expand their enterprises and learn from the achievements of their forebears.

Social media may play a crucial role in the growth of your company if you want to see it increase. The following information will help you understand how social media marketing may assist women-owned businesses in reaching their target consumers.

Women in social media and entrepreneurship

Women who have traditionally been discouraged from starting their own enterprises or working outside the house are succeeding in microbusinesses that rely on internet resources like social networking. In particular, Indonesian women depend on social media to draw in new clients; 63 percent of their businesses utilize Facebook and Instagram as promotional platforms, according a Women’s World Banking Report.

For a variety of causes, women are awakening to their full potential everywhere. Through social media, female entrepreneurs may interact with their ideal clients—many of whom are also women—as well as with other women who are starting their own companies. [See companion article: 5 Qualities of Great Leaders That Are Feminine]

We’re seeing a welcome rise in women-owned enterprises internationally as a result of the internet opening up entrepreneurship to millions of women globe. Unique pandemic conditions pushed women to launch 49 percent of new enterprises in 2021, up from 28 percent in 2019, as revealed by Gusto. Even if not all of these ventures will be profitable in the long run, a lot of women are starting long-lasting companies that keep expanding.

Closer to home, the percentages of female entrepreneurship in the US demonstrate how women are progressively assuming leadership roles as inclusive culture takes hold. The National Women’s Council estimates that 13 million enterprises were owned by women in 2020. This is quite significant, given that there were only 402,000 female-owned enterprises in the United States in 1972.

How women make advantage of social media to expand their enterprises

For a variety of reasons, social media is an essential tool for female entrepreneurs. Firstly, the price is reasonable. On certain social media sites, women may naturally contact their target demographic and get new customers without having to spend money on costly advertising efforts.

Social media is being used by women as a tool for branding. Through constant posting of anything from product photographs to testimonials, female entrepreneurs are able to use social networking sites to develop client loyalty and trust without the need for costly marketing efforts. The success of companies like Flat Tummy Co, Thinx, and Glossier has mostly been attributed to their use of actual women and the challenges they encounter in focused advertising efforts.

Astute businesswomen are aware that social media may be used for branding, marketing, and customer support all at once. The following are some strategies for using well-known networking sites to expand your clientele and steer your company toward success:

  • Engagement and connection: Reach out to your target clients on social media. You may interact directly with your audience to learn more about them and to receive their comments.
  • Customer service: You may promptly address complaints, inquiries, and comments from consumers by using social media. In some cases, providing excellent customer service on social media might even make a terrible situation better.
  • Advertising: A lot of social media sites provide low-cost, high-impact advertising solutions.
  • Branding: Using posts, videos, and images on social media, you may create a voice and look for your company.
  • Research and data collection: By utilizing social media to acquire consumer data and study your competitors, you may get a competitive advantage in today’s data-driven market.
  • Trend monitoring: It’s critical to stay current with trends in marketing. It is simple to keep an eye on trends on social media, including hashtags and keywords.
  • Networking: You may discover other women to mentor and encourage you via social media.

The reasons for developing a social media marketing strategy

The creator of eleV8T and associate professor of instruction Nicole Antoinette Smith stressed the need of creating a strategy before beginning any social media marketing. She listed four key justifications for the significance of a plan:

  1. You won’t improvise new tactics as you go. When you start with a plan, you already know what has to be done first, next, and last.
  2. You’ll control yourself from wanting to respond angrily to everything. You will inevitably encounter fresh perspectives while marketing your company, as well as insightful feedback from associates and business partners, as well as the want to modify or do away with strategies that don’t appear to be functioning. When you have a strategy, you know exactly what you want to achieve and how to get there, so you don’t have to consider every suggestion. Of course, you should keep an open mind to tactics that seem to make perfect sense, but this does not imply you have to scrap your original strategy and consider every new avenue right now.
  3. You’ll get the fundamental motivation to press on even when you want to give up. When things don’t appear to be going well and the going becomes rough, you may rely on your strategy for inspiration. Make frequent reference to your strategy to remind yourself of your objectives, tactics, benchmarks, and expected outcomes.
  4. You’ll be aware of the outcomes you want for. The objectives you have for your company marketing strategy are among its most important components. Make sure they are quantifiable and practical, please.

The most successful women on social media utilize their preferred channels on a regular basis and have a clear plan for how each one fits into their overall marketing strategy. Setting clear objectives and activities for your social media marketing enables you to assess your progress and make the required adjustments.


Get ready to remove your material. Even if you spent a lot of time and effort on the content creation, don’t be too hard on yourself if the outcome is disappointing. It might be necessary for you to publish at a different time of day, adopt a new trend, or reevaluate which social media channels are most appropriate for your company.

Tools for social media marketing

When it comes to publishing and engaging on social media, women entrepreneurs are aware that consistency is key. Whether their target market utilizes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another network, the majority of businesses will ultimately have to make an investment in a social media management solution.

Tools for scheduling and social media marketing management facilitate the tracking of all the accounts for your company and include functions like analytics, monitoring, and content scheduling. The best tool for your company will rely on your goals, objectives, and particular requirements.

Among the most often used social media management tools are the following:

  • With Hootsuite
  • Reserve
  • Sprout Social
  • Introducing Edgar
  • Viraltag
  • Pilot Social

Even though social media management programs sometimes have a monthly fee, it’s still much less expensive than paying someone to handle your accounts and post on your behalf. You must compare the characteristics of several management tools and choose the one that best fits your business’s requirements if you want to utilize social media to expand your brand.


Consistency in social media posting may be achieved with the use of automated social CRM systems.

Social media connections

When women help one other, they thrive. One of the most potent features of social media is that. These platforms provide female business owners the chance to network with other like-minded women and female consumers.

Developing strong networks is essential for women to succeed in the workplace because they may provide insightful counsel, word-of-mouth promotion, and fresh prospects. In order to expand your network, especially in the areas of women’s leadership and marketing/advertising, you may consider starting with any of the following organizations:

  • She Runs It: This group, which has been supporting women’s leadership and achievement for more than a century, provides networking opportunities, training, mentorship, and other services.
  • The Advertising Club is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect and educate professionals in media, marketing, and advertising.
  • American Advertising Federation: This group is committed to helping advertising professionals advance across the board.
  • Gender in Media Geena Davis Institute: This group, which was started by actress Geena Davis, aims to provide women in the media equitable representation.

Using social media to expand your company and establish yourself as a leader

Consider yourself a leader from the beginning, even if you’re a one-woman show building your company from the ground up. For women who want to expand their enterprises and create an empire, there are a ton of fantastic internet resources available, but being a leader starts with having the right mindset.

Social media is an excellent tool for network building and company promotion. Additionally, it may boost your self-confidence and help you develop your own brand. You could have a lot more of an impact than you had planned when you first launched your company if you use social media effectively.

Take up the position of leader. Take ownership of it. Women have too long had to overcome a glass barrier in order to succeed in the professional world. Now that this is finally beginning to change, it’s time to rejoice by expanding your ideal company. It’s time to prove your abilities to the world.

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