Moms Who Work: 7 Time Management Strategies


According to a research, just 27% of Indian women continue to work and grow in their jobs after having children. This is due to a number of issues, including the unavailability of childcare facilities, the absence of required family support, irregular work schedules or shift employment, etc., which makes it impossible to continue.

However, working from home is no longer difficult as a result of recent technical breakthroughs and the introduction of progressive, employee-friendly regulations. With only a basic internet connection, we can quickly set up our workstation at home and go to work.

In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s take the “work from home” situation in the workforce today a step further and discover how a work-at-home mother may succeed and be more productive while still taking care of her family.

Let’s find out how moms working at Sassa manage the twin obligations of managing domestic activities and demanding children on the one hand, and organizational tasks on the other. Let’s find out how they are using this work-from-home trend to its full potential.

1. Maintain your fitness:

The proverb “Health is wealth” has been around for decades, and the current epidemic has shown that it is really true. Currently, with the whole globe attempting to discover a COVID-19 vaccine, developing immunity has emerged as the sole viable means of defending oneself against this catastrophic circumstance. Maintaining your health is crucial for working mothers since it’s the only way you can balance work and family obligations. Thus, be sure to set aside time for morning exercise, engage in yoga or zumba, and keep up a nutritious diet.

2. Establish and adhere to a schedule:

All social classes have been impacted by this worldwide epidemic, including our housekeepers. They are unable to come to us for domestic assistance during this lockdown. As a result, we must complete the household duties on our own, which is an additional responsibility for a working mother. You must arrange a time to do your home chores so that it doesn’t conflict with your work schedule in order to include this new temporary assignment in your task list. If at all feasible, let your coworkers know that you are available for official calls in the evening or early morning during your online working hours.

3. Assign responsibilities to your spouse:

Previously, the male member of the family was the primary provider and the female was solely in charge of household chores. However, since you are now managing your finances jointly, household duties should also be divided so that none of you becomes overburdened. Include your children in your daily tasks if they are old enough to assist you. They will learn the importance of sharing loads jointly thanks to this.

4. Give the youngsters a schedule:

It could appear challenging to implement, but if done correctly, it can undoubtedly be a useful suggestion. The easiest approach to manage kids these days, when even schools are closed, is to set up a timetable for TV viewing, lunch/dinner, sleep time, and even study time. Make sure they comprehend the significance of the same.

Fifth, set up a home office:

Having the right workspace is one thing that we all overlook while working from home. Make sure you designate a space in your house for your workstation so that when you are there, the family knows you are working, and you can sense it too. Refrain from using your couch or bed as your home office.

6. Take frequent pauses:

You need to take frequent pauses and have positive conversations with your family members, much as we do at work when we have tea or lunch breaks.

7. Personal time:

As working mothers, we often lose sight of our personal lives. Sometimes, in our effort to please everyone, we lose sight of our own preferences. Thus, be careful to schedule some “me time” so that you may engage in happy activities. It might be as easy as gardening, preparing your favorite food, or watching TV shows or online series.

I hope these pointers help you on your working parent path. Never forget that being a working mother means wearing several hats, which takes a lot of energy, endurance, and mental sharpness. Do prioritize your health so that you can offer every role you perform your all. Treat yourself with the same respect that you do your family. We honor all women who balance being a superwoman at work and a super mom at home.

A very happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

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