Women Traveling Alone: An Introduction


Similar to Eat, Pray, Love, Wild, or even, dare we say it, Emily in Paris, one-woman adventures have become more and more common in recent years, with women’s solo travel expected to become a significant segment in the travel industry by 2022. For inspiration on vacation, you just need to browse the internet. With only a press of a button, women are demystifying solo female travel and capturing their best lives. And now that the globe is opening up again, solo travel is within reach, and wanderlust is once again looming.

Women’s solo travel has advanced significantly since the days of bulky bags, dubious accommodations, and shortages. While female travelers should exercise extra caution, travel is an experience that benefits everyone. Kate Middleton started her solo tour of Denmark only last week! And if it meets the standards of royalty,.

Traveling alone has been more popular in this period; the market for trips taken by women alone has increased to 230%. The motto “romanticize your life” is leading a confident lady to a newfound awakening, and she doesn’t wait on anybody. If done correctly, it can be a liberating experience that makes you want to spend more time alone with the environment as your constantly shifting background.

Effective Packaging

Everybody has been there, hauling bags to their final location and letting out a tremendous sigh of relief when they get there. No matter how experienced you are at packing, getting ready for a vacation by yourself teaches you to be more frugal. You have to choose your clothes carefully while packing your carry-on weight.

My recommendation? Marie Kondo your collection until it drastically shrinks and you’re left with clothes that suit you. Remember that you may always wash your items by hand. Bring changeable clothes so you can adapt to the weather and any unexpected predictions, in addition to suitable walking shoes and a reusable water bottle (both are a must). To condense larger goods and separate clothes and accessories, I suggest packing in cubes. For the protection of important papers and valuables, pockets and padlocks are essential necessities. And always use a microfiber towel, too.

For most situations, a high-quality travel bag with hidden compartments would suffice. Heard us out? A money belt is also a very practical, hands-free way to hide your passport, other papers, and cash.

You’ll be glad you brought a travel notebook, tripod for self-timed photos, and rechargeable battery pack in addition to the necessities. Why not try out Sassa’s “pack my bags” Alexa skill and let Alexa do the labor-intensive packing for you if you find packing stressful? She will provide you with a customized packing list that includes all of your necessities.

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Security and offline resources

Even under the best of circumstances, the internet may be unreliable, especially while traveling. Because of this, offline materials are quite helpful for traveling safely. Pre-loaded travel itineraries and printouts reduce the need for Wi-Fi in the unfortunate event that your phone’s battery runs out.

Make sure you safeguard your data and choose an appropriate insurance plan. Maintain a written record of all the information, such as your lodging address, passport photocopy, and personal insurance. Keep priceless things at home. I assure you that nothing compares to the seduction of traveling alone, like losing something dear to your heart!

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Getting to know others

It doesn’t have to be a lonely experience to travel alone. Actually, traveling alone allows you to experience a larger society where everyone values individuality and agreement. The finest of both worlds is present. Is it true that 70% of SA travelers go on their travels alone? We call it social travel, and it’s a terrific opportunity to meet new people and broaden your horizons.

Daily events like cooking classes and guided tours are excellent opportunities to meet other travel-loving women, whether or not you’re on a Sassa trip. When traveling alone, women commonly remember making friends at local cafes. Make space in your diary for impromptu trips you two may decide to go on together.

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Respect limits

Making friends with other travelers is what makes traveling alone enjoyable. You do, however, have the freedom to decide whether to reveal your location. Plan potential meetings in public areas and safely connect to both new and established networks. When you are in each place, check in with loved ones and have a partner for accountability back home to help you humble any dubious decisions you may have made.

Locate the ideal lodging for you.

Accommodation is a major consideration for women traveling alone. Travel styles are varied these days. There is something to meet the demands of any female traveler, regardless of whether they are backpackers or want a modest hostel experience.

Reservations made in advance will secure your spot. Give priority to those who score well on communication, and provide round-the-clock support desks. Think about booking a place that has easy access to the neighborhood’s facilities and transportation hubs. In the long term, it will save you money and steps.

In 2022, dormitories and accommodations reserved for women will no longer be unusual. The variety of accommodations available increases the allure of traveling alone. Having said that, selecting a home away from home requires thought.

Recall that housing is included for every sassa, from boutique hostels to French châteaux, so if you want one more thing to worry about, you may relax knowing that your lodging is covered.

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